What people are saying...

"As co-chairperson of Cross of Glory Lutheran Church WELCA, it was my responsibility to find a guest to share at our guest night.  God surely answered my prayers by having Beth Crosby come and share with us.

Not only is she gifted musically but with humor and honesty Beth communicated how a personal relationship with Christ has changed her life. God touched my heart by the way Beth shared her personal testimony, and adding music only deepened the experience.

I would highly recommend Beth to come and share at your event. You will be incredibly blessed just as I was!"

-- DeeAnn Berglund

"I've personally known Beth for four years and have not only had occasions to talk one-on-one about her ministry, faith journey and history, but have invited her to share her ministry of song at Peace United Church of Christ more than once....  I find Beth to be a real gift to any congregation who invites and welcomes her through their doors."

-- Pastor Susan K. Cline

"I just wanted to say thank you, Beth. You came to my church a while back, and you have been by far the most encouraging speaker to me since we have been there.  You spoke right to my heart as well as my kids and husband. That means a lot. I would love to see you come again and do a ladies event for us.  I love the altar time with you. Jesus works through you, Beth. Thanks for being his servant."

-- Cheryl, Mason City, IA

"I so appreciate Beth's honesty and how she moves through songs telling of her life as she seeks to know God more every day.  By her candor she allows her humanness to come alive as she relates her challenges.  Keep it coming, Beth!"

-- Carolyn A.

"I love to listen to Beth... she's so common and open about her life.  Little struggles and problems that you might hesitate sharing, she brings them into the light of Christ.  Some people try to be big stuff - the "holier than thou" type - but she's so human.  I really like her ministry."

-- Deanna H.